Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year's Eve Like You're A 22 Year Old Expat All Over Again

I switch the channel to Animal Planet. Two sea lions kiss noisily. Fireworks whistle out the window behind them. Channel up: Meg Ryan makes out with less pretty guy. Internet pic of the minute: "I love my wife" tee on Portia de Rossi next to Ellen DeG grinning. The 10 Hottest Videos of Girls Kissing. Mom and dad treat Ninang Dolly and her baby's daddy to raisin bread, foie gras and cheeses. I'm not drunk. Aint there someone I could be getting drunk with? Cupcake on discrete webcam at work. I found my New Year's kiss. The screen can only kiss back in spirit. It will do. Dad finally opens the last present. "Mike sent me Sex and The City the movie. Want to watch it?"

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